Disability History Month 2021

From 18 November to 18 December 2021, the University of Hertfordshire was proud to mark Disability History Month. This is a chance to look back at history and consider how the disabled community’s rights have improved, how opinions have changed, and the work which has been done to focus on people’s abilities not their disabilities.

At Herts, it provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of those within our community who consider themselves disabled, or those who are caring for those with disabilities. It provides an opportunity to ask questions and challenge ourselves for a brighter, more inclusive and equal future.

During Disability History Month 2021, we explored the theme of 'Disability and Hidden impairment'. Some examples of hidden disabilities include ADHD, autism, neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, metabolic conditions like diabetes, mental health issues and hearing impairment.

All staff and students were invited to a range of events which aimed to educate our community about disabilities, including hidden disabilities, to celebrate the achievements of those within our community who have a disability, and to explore the ways that they are succeeding in not being defined by it and achieving their goals.

We also discussed the types of discrimination those with disabilities and hidden disabilities experience, as they are not always seen as disabled and are often treated differently or unfairly. Our aim was to provide forums for discussion, resources and activities that are thought provoking and empowering.

Contact the EDI office if you'd like to get involved with Disability History Month 2022.