Psychology facilities

Undergraduate Laboratory

46 networked Macs.

Running current software required for the psychology undergraduate courses including SuperLab, SPSS and NVIVO etc.

Postgraduate Laboratory

30 networked PC's.

Running current software required for the psychology postgraduate courses as above and also including Idiogrid, Gpower and Simul8 analytical software.


12 experimental cubicles, each with their own networked computer, which can be paired for further collaborative work available for undergraduate, postgraduate and research use.  These are predominantly used for project work, gathering data from participants either through on-line experimental participation or face-to-face interviews.

Observation laboratory

This newly re-furbished state-of-the-art suite comprises a video lab with wall mounted pan and tilt HD cameras adjacent to the observation area with two-way mirror and live video feed.  These are all managed from the control room which has hi-tech solid-state recording and non-linear editing facilities featuring industry standard hardware and software.

Noldus Observer XT systems, which allow coding of live and previously recorded behavioural experiments, are available within the suite.

Research suite

This newly commissioned research facility includes spatial awareness equipment, an acoustic booth and a recently installed Faraday cage enabling isolation for EEG work.

Other available resources include a state of the art EyeLink 1000 Plus eye tracking system, HTC Vive VR, Biopac MP150 data acquisition and analysis system including EEG, ECG, EOC, EDA, accelerometery and NIBP etc.  Experiment generator, on-line survey and Meta-Analysis tools, are used extensively in the Department.

All facilities are supervised and supported by a team of highly experienced technical staff.