Biosciences consultancy


Biodet, our biosciences consulting team offers microbiological analysis and investigations for clients across the UK.

Our area of expertise is in water testing, indoor air quality and building hygiene investigations,outdoor air quality and Legionella training for facilities managers. Find out more information about Biodet's consultancy services.

Science Training Centre

The Science Training Centre (STC) has a long-established reputation in the delivery of biosciences short courses and training for organisations across the UK.

It is based at the University's Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and has a strong team of highly-qualified and experienced staff with expertise in biosciences training.

The Science Training Centre team of experts are able to run intensive training in biosciences laboratory techniques and run update courses for professionals in the form of short courses and or bespoke in-house training.

Bespoke biosciences courses

If you want your staff to receive updating or retraining on a particular subject but cannot afford to send them to us we are able to organise to run the courses at your organisations premises.

We understand the need for this training to take place at different times during the year that is why we are flexible about running them whenever it suits you best and we can offer your customised courses that will meet the demands of your organisations exactly.

The areas that we have recently developed short courses include:

  • Statistics for Scientists
  • Molecular Biology for Chemists
  • Enzyme Kinetics
  • Cell Culture Techniques
  • Immunology
  • Immunoassay Techniques
  • Proteins and Proteomics
  • Introductory Pharmacology
  • CNS and GI Tract Pharmacology

We have run bespoke biosciences courses for a wide variety of employers including biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and government agencies throughout the UK.

Our biosciences short courses are suitable for a range of different professionals in each organisation such as sales executives, laboratory technicians, early-years researchers, clinicians and managers.

In addition, they can be tailored to suit all levels of current knowledge and skills. They are arranged to fit groups of 10-20 staff members and can be organised as a series of one or two lectures per week.

These lectures can be spread over a number weeks ranging from 3-15 weeks, according to the needs of your organisation.

On campus biosciences courses

The courses that we run at the University's premises last between 1-2 days and they are delivered by our expert staff at our College Lane Campus in Hatfield.

The type of courses that we run include:

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