Contact School Direct

For more information on School Direct, get in touch with the relevant contact.

Who to contact

Linda Hearne
Specialist ITE Administrator (SD Admissions)
  • General enquiries from partnership schools
  • Partnership allocations
  • UCAS Teacher Training
  • Fees & funding

Liz White
SD Recruitment and Selection Lead (and Mentor Development Lead)
  • Lead School and partnership school SD recruitment and selection procedures and queries
  • School Direct non-supported/self-funded recruitment and selection
  • School partnership selection and deselection process

Julia Mackintosh
(SD Primary ITE Admissions)
  • Lead School enquiries: primary applicant entry requirements (Wed – Fri)

David Ingledew
Secondary ITE Lead (Postgraduate Secondary ITE Admissions)
  • Lead School enquiries: secondary applicant entry requirements
Vicky Pateman
Head of Initial Teacher Education
  • Initial Teacher Education, undergraduate and postgraduate provision