Case study - multi-day physics course

During 2015-16 we worked in partnership with Comberton Village College, in Cambridge, to develop and run a ten-day subject knowledge course for non-specialist teachers of physics.

Our partnership worked well: the Centre for STEM Education created the course plan and resources, and provided two trainers. The local Science Learning Partnership used its contacts for recruitment; local-knowledge to ensure that the format successfully met needs; and provided the venue and administration. The course was based upon our existing subject knowledge course, adapted to ensure it suited local schools. For example, many participant schools do not have sixth-forms, so we split out all the KS5 content into an optional three-day section.

The results of the course speak for themselves – it was only one of two of the TSST courses nationally that recruited to its maximum, the feedback was extremely positive.

Delegate feedback

How useful has the course been to your practice in lessons?
‘Exceptionally. Lots of new ideas and my confidence has grown massively. I have already tried some the activities in my lessons and even with a weak group we seem to be making some great progress!’
KA, course participant, 2015-2016

How will this learning affect the way you tackle future lessons?
‘More confident - there will be a higher quality of learning and much more practical. Also teaching the core principles before doing anything with maths.’
AS, course participant, 2015-2016

Please comment on the difficulty of the course?
‘I think it was pitched correctly. They were very supportive and challenging.’
MS, course participant, 2015-2016

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