Inspiring proto-engineers

This project provides CPD to improve primary school teachers’ confidence and knowledge of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computing (STEM).

The CPD introduces strategies to integrate age appropriate engineering activities across the key stage 2 curriculum, helping pupils to gain an understanding of engineering. A particular focus is computing, and within this, ‘coding’. Ways of applying mathematical, technology and scientific skills to solve problems are also introduced.

The CPD programme includes a full day launch, a twilight session and a plenary over a term, during which time schools can borrow a set of kit from the Centre for STEM Education, including crumbles, sparkles, wires, crocodile clips for 15 pairs of pupils. CPD supports teachers to set up creative projects for key stage 2 pupils.

Who is it for?

Key stage 2 teachers who can accommodate about six lessons into the term that the CPD takes place to teach coding and enable pupils to undertake a project.

What will I get out of it?

Teacher will gain first-hand experience of using kit to teach coding; understanding of ways to embed an engineering project in the curriculum, to deliver elements of the key stage mathematics, science and design and technology curriculum.

I have attended many courses over my 27 years teaching, but the structure and focus of this project means it has had the biggest impact on my own and the pupils’ learning of any CPD I have attended. Thank you for thinking outside the box and putting together a brilliant bit of CPD.  I will be recommending it to everyone I meet.

Key stage 2 teacher, June 2018