Winter 2024 - Supporting science in the Early Years

This long-term project is aimed at early years practitioners both in the school setting and other early year settings and is also suitable for science subject leaders. There will be an opportunity to choose a bespoke project for your school and to borrow high quality early years resources kit.


This will help teachers and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) practitioners to:

  • explore the everyday opportunities in EYFS that provide scientific learning opportunities;
  • extend knowledge around key questioning skills that will enhance children’s language and extend vocabulary;
  • gain confidence in identifying, planning and delivering science activities in EYFS, both adult-led and by using teachable moments during child-initiated learning time;
  • be part of an EYFS network providing support, advice and ideas.

How will you learn?


Who is it for?

EYFS teachers and practitioners.


Winter term 2024. Please email us at to register your interest in this project.



Contact us

For enquiries and booking please email us at