Exploring the use of technology in EYFS

Numerous opportunities can be incorporated into sessions for younger children in Early Years Foundation Stage to use technology to produce creative outcomes and solve problems. In particular, many areas of the Early Years framework provide opportunities for pupils to develop their ability to use computational thinking effectively. During this project, we’ll look at how Early Years practitioners can improve children’s technological understanding and computing capability through a range of experiences within the classroom.


This professional development will help teachers and EYFS practitioners to:

  • identify suitable technologies, including tablet-based apps, which are accessible to young children
  • examine practical tasks away from digital devices to develop problem solving skills
  • audit current classroom activities for opportunities to incorporate computational thinking concepts and approaches
  • be part of an EYFS network providing support, advice and ideas.

How will you learn?

This programme will be delivered in one of the following formats:

  • remote delivery
  • a combination of face to face and remotely delivered sessions.

Who is it for?

EYFS teachers and practitioners.


Please email us at stem@herts.ac.uk to register your interest in this project or if you have any questions.


£200 per school - this entitles two teachers to participate.

Contact us

For enquiries and booking please email us at stem@herts.ac.uk.