Finding the maths in nature

This project will enable teachers in Years 5 and 6 to use the outdoor environment as a resource for maths investigations. Children will recognise that maths is all around us, and that it contributes to the beauty of the natural world.  Tangible links will be made with science and history and there will be opportunities to explore extension work to challenge more able pupils.


This professional development will help teachers to:

  • identify opportunities for teaching maths creatively in an outdoor context
  • establish some meaningful links between maths, science, history and the outdoor environment
  • explore outdoor activities which challenge children’s learning in maths
  • be part of a primary network providing support, advice and ideas.

How will you learn?

This programme will be delivered through a combination of face to face and remotely delivered sessions.

Who is it for?

  • UKS2 teachers.


Dates to be confirmed.


£200 per school - this entitles two teachers to participate.

Contact us

For enquiries and booking please email us at