Exploring transient art in EYFS to develop language and conceptual understanding in maths and science

This project will inspire work around transient art, promoting not only children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination but also the development of hand-eye coordination, observation, concentration and decision-making skills. We consider how this context provides a rich and stimulating experience for developing understanding of concepts in maths and science along with the acquisition of key vocabulary.


This professional development will help teachers and EYFS practitioners to:

  • describe features of transient art and develop ways to incorporate this into an EYFS setting
  • explore opportunities for language development through transient art in maths and science
  • identify ways transient art can support the development of conceptual understanding in maths and science
  • use this approach to support aspects of the ‘characteristics of effective learning’
  • be part of an EYFS network providing support, advice and ideas.

How will you learn?

This programme will be delivered in one of the following formats:

  • remote delivery
  • a combination of face to face and remotely delivered sessions.

Who is it for?

EYFS teachers and practitioners.


Summer term 2023. Please email us at stem@herts.ac.uk to register your interest in this project.


£200 per school - this entitles two teachers to participate.

Contact us

For enquiries and booking please email us at stem@herts.ac.uk.