Connecting core subjects: Finding coherence between primary science and mathematics

The Ofsted Research Review series: Science (April 2021) highlights that pupils need to connect knowledge between subject disciplines and that science is dependent on mathematics, but interestingly mathematics is not dependent on science. As part of this project participants will consider the extent to which the knowledge and conceptual understanding in the science and mathematics curricula correspond and how, through consideration of curriculum and pedagogy, pupils may be enabled to make better progress in both subjects. Working together the science and mathematics subject leaders will identify a focus to develop within their school and carry out their own action research project to investigate one area of pedagogy or curriculum.


This professional development will help teachers to:

  • explore meaningful links between the maths and science curricular
  • identify teaching strategies which support learning in both science and maths
  • connect maths and science subject leaders
  • be part of a primary network providing support, advice and ideas.

How will you learn?

This programme will be delivered through a combination of face to face and remotely delivered sessions.

Who is it for?

  • science subject leaders
  • maths subject leaders.


Please email us at to register your interest in this project.


£200 per school - this entitles two teachers to participate.

Contact us

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