Design encompasses and touches almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Think of an average day. You might get up and make a cup of tea in a kettle designed by a product designer. Your favourite mug might have been decorated by an illustrator or graphic designer. The clothes you choose will be crafted by a fashion designer. As you leave the house (designed by interior designers and architects), you get in your car, which would have gone through multiple stages of design, including input from model designers, product designers and more.

Make an impact

As a designer, your creative decisions will determine the shape, look, feel and scope of the products and experiences that people will buy and consume as part of their daily lives. Design is a hugely influential area in the creative industries, and postgraduate design courses at the University of Hertfordshire put you right at the centre of this ever-changing, creative and pioneering world.

Our courses are designed to foster creativity, whilst taking into account and working side by side with social issues, and concerns around sustainability. Our courses aren’t just designed to give you the creative skills you need, but also the knowledge of best practices, current issues, new technology, industry needs and opportunities and more.

Our Design courses give you a springboard into perhaps a higher level career, or a maybe an entirely new area of work. They give you the opportunity to experience and develop the skills and processes involved in the professional practice of product design, industrial design, interior design, graphic design, illustration, experience design and fashion design.

Award-winning graduates at the forefront of research

Our students have an excellent track record in winning national prizes including the National Student Lighting Designer of the Year and first prizes in the Design and Art Direction (D&AD) Global Student Awards, and you could be another name on the lists of award winners held by prestigious companies in the creative industries.

On top of this industry recognition, you will be a valued member of our research community as a postgraduate student. Through our many design groups, you will have the chance to bounce your ideas off like-minded individuals, gain inspiration from others, and grow connections with renowned visiting lecturers and speakers who provide real industry insight to build a career on.

Join our postgraduate design community, and help shape the future of the design industries.

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