Photography facilities

Photography studios

The School of Creative Arts is home to two Photography Studios, divided into 10 separate bays by black curtains, to allow for small or large scale work. Each bay is provided with three wall-mounted backdrops, in black, grey and white, and coloured backdrops and green screens are also available. The studios provide space for both still photography and shooting film.

The studios are also stocked with a wide array of lighting modifiers, and Bowens lighting kits, cameras and location accessories are available from the Loan Store.

Dark rooms

The photographic dark room offers film processing facilities for black and white film. We have enlarger printing facilities for 35mm, and our specialist darkroom provides the perfect space for medium and large format printing. We also offer alternative processes such as liquid emulsion, toning and photographic manipulation.

The colour darkroom is equipped with enlargers for printing from 35mm, medium format and large format negatives. The colour processor will print up to 20 x 24 inches.

Image capture suite

The image capture suite offers a quiet working area for Photography students. It has five work stations with colour calibrated monitors, configured for photo editing. Students have access to an A2 Epson professional colour printer for portfolio work.

Scanning suite

The scanning suite offers negative scanning facilities for 35mm, 120 film and large format, slides and documents/photographs.

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