Jewellery, glass and ceramics

Our jewellery, glass and ceramics workshops give students an open, light, and airy space for working, as well as easy access to professional standard equipment, tools, facilities and advice from our expert technicians.

The ceramic area provides support for hand built and thrown work with a variety of slips, glazes and clay materials. An extruder for extruding different clay forms and shapes is available, as well as a drying cupboard and spray booth for finishing the ceramic process.

The casting room area facilitates casting and mould-making using silicone, plaster and latex for mouldings made from resins and rubbers. There is also are also fettling benches for finishing work, and convection oven for plastic forming.

There are three ceramic front load kilns, three flatbed glass kilns and an upright test casting kiln. Other equipment for glass includes a diamond saw for cutting, a water-cooled diamond drill and linishers for finishing. The sandblaster is also available to create an abrasive finish on glass, ceramics and plastics.

Next to the jewellery benches, students will find enamel kilns, a huge variety of hand tools, and starter jewellery kits for each student which can be loaned. There are also machine tools including drills and a fly press, rolling-mill, polishing machine and Amboss which students can use for their work. Spaces are also provided for soldering, pressing, forging and forming jewellery and fine metal work.