Equipment loan store

Students in the School of Creative Arts have the benefit of our Equipment Loan Store, which holds a comprehensive range of technical equipment available free of charge and paired with expert advice from our professional technicians.

From high-end film and video equipment to music and photography equipment, the Loan Store houses a vast stock of bookable equipment, which can be hired out by individuals or groups, staff or students – all that is required is your UH ID card. Loans are made for a 24-hour period, but can be hired for longer if needed if agreed by the Technical Team when signing the equipment out.

Whether you’re looking for cameras, microphones, lights, cables, shoulder mounts, calibrators, tablets, webcams, AV equipment, dollies, steadycams, VR development kits or something else, our Loan Store is the School’s answer to Aladdin’s cave for all things technical.

We also have a great deal of peripheral kit associated with these major items, such as lenses and cables. Some of the kit is subject-specific and cannot be loaned outside of the subject area, but our technicians will be able to advise you on an appropriate alternative that you can hire. If you have any queries, please pop in and have a chat with one of the team, as we’ll always do our best to help and advise you.

The technical stuff

So, what have we got in our loan store?

From high-end film and video equipment including Canon C100, Canon XF 305 and Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro cameras to a wide range of high specification audio equipment including TascamHD-P2s and SQN mixers, boom mics and radio mics, our Store is a one-stop shop for all your kit requirements.

Our photographic kit includes a Phase One digital back medium format camera, Linhof large format camera, Mamiya medium format cameras, Nikon D810s and Canon 5D II and III. We also have a large number of Bowens lighting kits, Arri lights and Elincrom portable lighting kits, a range of microphones, including a Soundfield SPS422, Neumann U87s, AKG 414s, various vocal condenser mics, Shure SM7Bs, SM57s and SM 58s.

Equipment loan store gallery