Digital animation suites

All animation suites are equipped with Intel i7 quad core computers accompanied by 24 inch full HD displays. There’s also a tablet on each desk by Wacom, a company widely recognised for their industry standard, innovative graphics tablets.

Accompanying this hardware provision is a full suite of industry standard animation-specific software, including the full Autodesk entertainment creation suite, Adobe Master Collection, Z-Brush and The Foundry Production Collective. On top of this, each specialist suite is equipped with the additional tools you need for each subject to ensure that there is no restriction to your creative flow. Our world class tutors teach in suites with dual full HD projection and surround sound systems, so students can ensure their lessons are delivered clearly, comfortably and enjoyably.

3D animation suite

The 3D animation suite has 60 workstations with a full range of animation packages, along with full access to our dedicated render farm to drastically reduce render processing time. There are also friendly and knowledgeable technicians on hand who can offer help and advice as you develop your work. As one of our larger suites, this room can be useful for group work throughout the duration of your study.

2D animation suite

Equipped with light tables, scanners and line testers, our 2D animation suite is the ideal base for animators who work traditionally or digitally. The suite encourages a hybrid workflow incorporating both mediums, and therefore has larger Wacom tablets than the other suites to help when authoring Flash and After Effects projects.

Games art suite

Utilising the newest games engine developer tools, the Games art suite is equipped with both Unreal Engine 4 and Quixel Suite for PBR Texture Generation in addition to the standard toolset.