3D workshops

Shaping, forming and finishing

Our Machine Shop has a huge variety of industry standard equipment, and is manned by expert technicians who can advise students on correct usage, new techniques and more.

Our Shop is home to centre lathes, pillar drills and milling machines for machining plastics, metals and timber, as well as a collection of band-saws and circular saws for cutting bulk materials, disc and bobbin sanders for fine finishing, and vacuum-forming machines for plastic forming. The casting room area facilitates casting and mould-making using silicone, plaster and latex for mouldings made from resins and rubbers, and also houses a fettling bench for finishing work and an oven for heating plastics.

Casting, carving, and construction

The second 3D Workshop gives access to modelling, casting and fabrication facilities, and includes our Fibreglass Workshop.

The Fibreglass Workshop has seven large workstations for individual working, and allows access for teaching groups of up to 20 students.

A forge and anvil allows students to try their hand with blacksmithing techniques, rolling bars allow for the shaping and forming of sheets, and a mechanical hacksaw, metal cutting vertical band saw and chop saw are used for cutting large, medium and small section metal components. On top of this, there are also pillar drills, a box folder, buffers and grinders available for our students.

The workshop’s welding facility gives access to heavy and light welding equipment including MIG Welding for steel and oxyacetylene for cutting, welding and braising, and with propane for soldering.

The Workshop also has a wet area for building, moulding and casting with clay, plaster and wax, as well as ample space to build and mould figures and creatures for creating moulds and casts in fibreglass. Large scale projects or processes not easily accommodated inside can be produced outside in our Sculpture Yard, which has lifting equipment and allows students to safely use hazardous materials in an open, clean air space.

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