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Upcoming virtual events

19 April 202116:30-17:30Aerospace Taster Lecture: Coming in to land - Airfield Operations

Have you pictured yourself bringing a plane into land? Pilots need to know how an airfield is laid out, how to fly into an airfield even if it's one they haven’t visited before. This lecture covers the various parts of an airfield and the ‘circuit’ that surrounds it. Scroll down to book your place

20 April 202116:00-16:30

Aerospace Taster Lecture: How aircraft became  weapons

The Wright brothers made their first 12-second flight in 1903.  The aircraft industry that followed was very much in its infancy, and yet just a few years later aircraft were being used routinely by military forces around the world. How did they manage to do this and how did the aircraft themselves have to change? Scroll down to book your place

20 April 202117:00-18:00Student life: Where to live - accommodation options and bills

Deciding where to live during your studies is a big decision. Should you stay at home? Is staying in Halls of residence better than renting privately? What about setting up bills? We will cover all of this in detail and help you make the best decision for you. Scroll down to book your place

21 April 202116:30-17:30Aerospace Engineering Taster Lecture: Space Vehicles

How are we meeting the challenges of exploring space? Join us for an introduction to space vehicles and satellites, orbits, types of vehicle and propulsion systems. There’ll be a chance for you to have your questions answered too. Scroll down to book your place
22 April 202116:00-16:45Politics and International Relations Masterclass: ‘Revolutionising the Westminster System’: Actors and Institutions of the British Government

The Westminster system is the backbone of British politics. However, in recent years constitutional developments, such as devolution, the creation of the Supreme Court, legislative reforms, and BREXIT, have slowly chipped away at the foundations of this system. This masterclass will invite you to consider the implications of these changes for British politics in the future. Scroll down to book your place

26 April 202116:00-17:00History Masterclass: Boom towns and utopias - building a modern Britain 1910-1970

Join Dr Katrina Navickas to learn about the key debates and primary sources on garden cities, new towns and the role of housing in the welfare state after the two world wars in Britain. Scroll down to book your place

27 April 202117:00-18:00UK Student Finance: What's available and how to apply

We’ll look at what financial support is available. This session includes information on the tuition and maintenance loans and repayment. We’ll also cover how to apply and share information on bursaries and scholarships. We'll end with a Q&A. Scroll down to book your place

28 April 202116:00-17:00Psychology Taster Lecture: The psychology of luck

Why are some people lucky and others unlucky? Is there anything people can do to change their luck? This talk will examine how psychologists examine the elusive nature of luck, and the types of interventions that help people to improve their lives. The session will be led by Professor Richard Wiseman, author of ‘The Luck Factor'. Scroll down to book your place

29 April 202116:00-17:00Business Taster Lecture: International Marketing - bringing the world closer together

We will use a ‘Clash of the Titans’ case to look at how two business giants are using international marketing. Then we will see whether the same principles can be applied to very different organisations, like an international charity. Be prepared for a blind tasting, a quick round-the-world tour with the marketing mix - and some digital fun and games.  Scroll down to book your place

29 April 202116:00-17:00Pharmaceutical and Biological Science Taster Lecture: In silico investigation into new psychoactive substances

How can we use computers to develop new drugs? This taster lecture will look at how we can use computers to understand how new psychoactive substances interact with receptors in the body. Scroll down to book your place
29 April 202116:00-17:00English Masterclass: Language and Identity

How is identity linguistically constructed? We will be exploring how we create and express our identities in various ways using language. We will cover online identity construction in social media, and the creation of workplace identity via spoken interaction, covering fascinating intersecting aspects including gender and Communities of Practice. Scroll down to book your place
04 May 202117:00-18:00Study Skills: Academic Writing and Referencing

Academic writing and referencing are fundamental skills for succeeding at university. However, they can be difficult to wrap your head around. Join us as we cover the dos and don'ts of academic writing and the skill of referencing. Great preparation for university and helpful if you’re doing an EPQ. Scroll down to book your place

05 May 202117:00-18:00Sport Taster Lecture: Coaching Youth Athletes - It's about way more than sport

Do you remember the best teacher at school? Or your favourite coach? What makes them so memorable? We will explore the wide-ranging benefits of holistic coaching in Youth Sport. This session will expose the complexities and the rewards of being a Youth Sport coach. Scroll down to book your place

06 May 202117:00-18:00Astrophysics Masterclass: Cosmology - what we know about how the universe evolved

Cosmology is the study of the evolution of the universe. The standard model of cosmology consists of three main elements, the Big Bang, dark matter and dark energy. But we don’t know what the Big Bang was, what dark matter is or what dark energy is. You might ask why do we have this model? This lecture explains why and shows you the evidence that has led us to the Standard model. Scroll down to book your place
11 May 202117:00-18:00Study Skills: Research Methods

Research is essential for building on our knowledge, but what if this is your first time doing a research project? Designed for EPQ students, join us as we introduce you to the basics of research and find out which method is best for your project. Scroll down to book your place

12 May 202116:30-17:30Language Taster Session: Beginners Japanese

Do you fancy picking up a new language? How about Japanese? ‘Kimi no na wa – ‘your name’? Greetings are the first step to communicating with people. So, join us as we start at the very beginning with how to greet people and tell them your name. At Herts, our language modules are uniquely structured so that students can take a language as a minor subject with some of our Business and Humanities subjects. Scroll down to book your place

13 May 202116:00-16:45Creative Conversations: 'Over the Line' - Poetry comics with Chrissie Williams

Join us and our students in conversation with acclaimed poet and editor Chrissie Williams who brings to life the exciting hybrid world of poetry comics. Scroll down to book your place

13 May 202117::00-18:00Astrophysics: The Dark Universe - what is dark matter and dark energy?

95% of the universe is dark energy and dark matter but we do not know what they are. This lecture presents the evidence for the existence of dark matter and dark energy, and discusses our ideas on what they could be. Scroll down to book your place
13 May 202117:00-18:00Geography & Environment Taster Lecture: The Geopolitical Paradox - why are we living with more borders in a globalised world?

Join us for our latest taster lecture, where Human Geographer and Dean of School, Dr Richard Southern, will take us on a tour of some of the world’s geopolitical hotspots and examine why national borders are becoming increasingly rigid and contested at a time when we have become more global than ever before! The lecture will be followed by an informal Q&A with staff and students. Scroll down to book your place
18 May 202116:30-17:15Sports Science Taster Lecture: Performance

How do caffeine and sports drinks help you to exercise?  Join us as we take a look at the pros and cons of consuming sports drinks when you exercise. Scroll down to book your place

19 May 202117:00-18:00Personal Statements: How to write an excellent one

Finding it difficult to get started? Not sure what to include? Join us and we'll guide you through the process. By the end, you'll know everything you to know, to write that excellent personal statement. Scroll down to book your place

20 May 202116:30-17:30Astrophysics: Practical Astronomy

This session includes a video tour of the Observatory, a demonstration of our solar telescope or radio telescope facilities (weather dependant) and examples of the kind of observations you will make on the Astrophysics degree programme. We can also take questions about the astronomy practicals. Scroll down to book your place

20 May 202118:00-19:00Preparing for your Higher Education Journey: Choosing the right university and course (Q&A with 8 universities)

Not sure where to begin when choosing a university and course? Want to know the things you should be considering? Have questions you'd like to ask university staff? Find out what to consider when narrowing down your choices and how to do your research. Hear from higher education professionals themselves from eight different universities. The session will begin with a short 5-10 minute presentation followed by a Q&A for the remaining time. Find out more and book

21 May 202117:00-17:40Computer Science Taster Lecture: Robotics and AI

Welcome to the wonderful world of Robotics and AI at the University of Hertfordshire. This taster session will present an overview of key trends and developments in robotics and some of the learning opportunities offered here at Herts. Get ready to meet a host of our robots including ones designed by our own students! Scroll down to book your place

26 May 202119:00-20:00Clearing: Everything you need to know (for students and parents)

Clearing can be a great opportunity to find that perfect place. There are many reasons why you might choose this route; you have changed your mind about the course/university, you haven't got into a university you chose first time around, you may be a new applicant applying for the very first time. Let us guide you through the process, so you that are ready, if you decide to use it. Scroll down to book your place

27 May 202118:00-19:00Law Taster Lecture: Ethnic Minorities and the Law - Take the pledge to ethnicate

Are terms like ‘BAME’ or ‘people of colour’ useful in understanding race relations today, or to tackle persistent racial disparity? This lecture considers the efficacy of such terms. These terms have limits and were useful, but we now need to embark on a course to ‘ethnicate’, that is to educate ourselves on ethnicity and its relevance, if we are going to take more strides in the pursuit of achieving equal opportunity and fair-dealing. Scroll down to book your place
4 June 202113:00-14:00Law Industry Talk: In conversation with a Prison Officer

After studying Accounting and Finance at University and starting a career in the Insurance industry, Toni made the decision to work as a Prison Officer to fulfil her desire to help people through her day job. This led to Toni developing a passion for criminology and social justice. Having spent over 6 years working in a prison, Toni welcomes you to join a conversation with her. Scroll down to book your place

08 June 202117:00-18:00Student Life: Choosing to study at a local university

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many students are looking to stay local when it comes to university. Are you considering choosing a university close to home and perhaps also considering living at home? Are you wondering what impact this will have on your experience? Hear from students that made this choice. Scroll down to book your place

09 June 202116:00-16:45Mathematics Taster Lecture: Is it possible to beat the stock market?

In finance, the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) suggests that it is impossible to “beat the market” consistently. In this taster lecture, we will explore the implications of this hypothesis and the evidence for and against it. Scroll down to book your place
24 June 202117:00-18:00Personal Statements: How to write an excellent one

Finding it difficult to get started? Not sure what to include? Join us and we'll guide you through the process. By the end, you'll know everything you to know, to write that excellent personal statement. Scroll down to book your place

08 July 202119:00-20:00Parent/Guardian information evening: Introduction to the application process and student finance

Looking to support your young person in their journey towards university, but not sure how? Join us at our Parents / Guardian information evening. We'll cover the UCAS application process and the financial support available to them (including how to apply and the repayments). Plus there'll be a Q&A. Scroll down to book your place

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