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Upcoming virtual events

3 March 202116:00-17:00Psychology Taster Lecture: Do people make good decision makers?

Every day we make numerous decisions. Is it better to deliberate or to go with your first instincts? We'll take a look at some of the cognitive mechanisms that help us to make decisions and evaluate how effective these are. Scroll down to book your place

4 March 202116:00-17:00Film Studies Masterclass - "Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958): Genre and Gender in Hitchcock's Hollywood"

This masterclass is for anyone studying Vertigo, Hitchcock, or interested in studying film or media as a degree. Scroll down to book your place

9 March 202116:00-17:00Motivation required? Study skills with stress survival tips

Going to university with the long-term goal of getting a degree is fantastic, but there are a lot of little things that you will need to do before you get there. Come and join us to hear useful hints and tips on how to make the most of your study time, for now and when you get to university. Scroll down to book your place

10 March 202113:00-14:00
Industry Talk: Media Matters with Ryan Mason who runs Glory (a football and travel magazine)

Ryan Mason graduated with a first-class honours degree in Journalism, Digital Publishing and English Language from the University of Hertfordshire. He decided to put his passion for football to good use by co-founding Glory, a high-quality glossy on international football that has readers as far afield as Qatar and Switzerland as well as his favourite football club of Norwich. Ryan will talk about following your passion, and what it takes to start your own media product. Scroll down to book your place

11 March 202116:00-17:00Philosophy Masterclass: Teleological Ethics

How do we decide what makes an action morally right or wrong? According to teleological ethics, we should always do whatever promotes the greatest good. We’ll take a look at various understandings of this basic principle, including different accounts of what the end of goodness consists in. Scroll down to book your place

16 March 202116:00-17:00Help is on hand: DSA and additional study support at uni

Join us to learn about the support on offer to help you with your studies. Every year over 60% of students eligible for Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) miss out, either because they don’t think they are eligible, or they haven’t heard of DSAs. DSA’s are financial support you can apply for to cover study-related costs due to a mental health problem, long term illness, Learning difficulty or any other disability. Scroll down to book your place

19 March 202111:00-12:00In conversation with a former prison Careers Adviser

After working as an Education, Training and Employment Adviser for offenders and ex-offenders, Samantha moved on to work as Lead Careers in Custody Adviser for 3 London prisons: Thameside, Isis and Belmarsh. Join the conversation to hear more about employment rehabilitation services in prison. Scroll down to book your place

19 March 202117:00-18:00Creative Conversations: Creative writing within Songwriting

Yvonne Lyons is an internationally renowned singer and songwriter. Join us as she talks about what inspires her and explains the writing techniques she uses. Yvonne will also play some of her songs to bring to life her creative process. Scroll down to book your place

23 March 202116:00-17:00Student Life: LGBT+ society takeover with Q&A

Come and listen to our LGBT+ Society members to hear about what they do, the support on offer, hear the experiences of current Herts students and ask any questions you may have. Scroll down to book your place

24 March 202116:00-17:00Creative Conversations with Nadifa Mohamed

Nadifa Mohamed is one of the most exciting voices in fiction and non-fiction and she will be in conversation with Joe Thomas about her new novel, The Fortune Men, which is out in May. She’ll be reading from the novel, and talking about her work and her writing life, and the relationship between fiction and non-fiction writing. Scroll down to book your place

25 March 202116:00-17:00Philosophy Masterclass: Arguments for the Existence of God

The Cosmological Argument claims that God must have been the cause of the universe. The Teleological Argument maintains that the apparent design in the universe can only be explained by appeal to God. We’ll look at how these arguments work together. In particular, how the Teleological Argument complements the Cosmological Argument by making up for some of its limitations. Scroll down to book your place

25 March 202116:00-16:45Politics and International Relations Masterclass: ‘Revolutionising the Westminster System’: Actors and Institutions of the British Government

The Westminster system is the backbone of British politics. However, in recent years constitutional developments, such as devolution, the creation of the Supreme Court, legislative reforms, and BREXIT, have slowly chipped away at the foundations of this system. This masterclass will invite you to consider the implications of these changes for British politics in the future. Scroll down to book your place

30 March 202116:00-17:00Student Life: My university experience

Hear from our student panel about their journey to university, their experience as a student and what they wish they’d known before starting. Have your questions ready! Scroll down to book your place

31 March 202119:00-20:00Not all journeys to university are the same: Rachel shares her not so traditional experience

Not everyone goes straight to university from school or college. Rachel was in care from 15 to 18 and left school at 16 with 3 O’ Levels (equivalent to GCSEs) in 1986. In 1994 she graduated with a degree in geography from UCL and in 2020 with a degree in astrophysics from the University of Hertfordshire. Rachel has offered to share her experience, to show how if things don’t go to plan, university can still be an option regardless of age, background or circumstances. Scroll down to book your place

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Talks On-Demand

If you can’t make our live events, our recorded talks are the perfect solution. Find out everything you need to know about going to university at a time that suits you.

Talks in partnership

We partner with other institutions and organisations to deliver talks. Please take a look below to see what other opportunities are available.

Apprenticeships: Work, Earn, Learn

Monday 8 February 2021, 11:00 - 12:15

Find out more about apprenticeships, including degree level. You'll hear from current apprentices, apprenticeship training providers (including the University of Hertfordshire) and employers. Plus, ask us your questions in a live Q&A.

Preparing for your Higher Education Journey: Student Finance and Budgeting (Q&A with 8 universities)

Thursday 11 March 2021, 18:00 - 19:00

Not sure how the student finance system works for UK students? Worried about how much university will cost? Have other questions that you'd like to ask university staff? In this session you can find out more about how student finance works, including the UK loan system, applying, and repayments. You can also find out about extra funding and how to budget at university, hearing from higher education professionals themselves from eight different universities. This session is aimed at UK students, and will begin with a short 5-10 minute presentation followed by a Q&A for the remaining time.

Preparing for your Higher Education Journey: Choosing the right university and course (Q&A with 8 universities)

Thursday 20 May 2021, 18:00 - 19:00

Not sure where to begin when choosing a university and course? Want to know the things you should be considering? Have other questions that you'd like to ask university staff? In this session you can find out more about the things to consider when narrowing down your choices and how to do your research, hearing from higher education professionals themselves from eight different universities. The session will begin with a short 5-10 minute presentation followed by a Q&A for the remaining time.