Grade Point Average (GPA) system

We have introduced a Grade Point Average (GPA) system, alongside the Honours Degree classification, to provide further evidence of the achievement of our students.

A GPA is an internationally-recognised measure of student achievement and is used to indicate progress during students’ studies and as a final measure of achievement upon the completion of a degree programme.

The University will award a 0-100 grade for each module studied along with a ‘Grade Point’. The GPA is then calculated as an average of the Grade Points for all of the modules on the degree programme.

What is GPA?

A Grade Point Average (or GPA) is a measure of student achievement. It is used to indicate both progress during your studies and as a final measure of achievement at the end of your studies.

For each module you attempt, the University awards a 0-100 grade to measure your achievement, along with a ‘Grade Point’.

The GPA is then calculated as an average of the Grade Points for all of the modules on your degree programme.

Why is Herts introducing a GPA?

The Honours Degree classification system (First Class Honours, Upper Second Class Honours, etc.) is well known and highly valued throughout the UK. The GPA system complements honours classification, by giving an even more precise picture (i.e. a score from 0.00 to 4.50, to 2 decimal places).

The GPA system is also more widely understood elsewhere in the world, so it will help you to demonstrate your performance if seeking work or further study overseas. We are living in an increasingly global marketplace and this will help you compete.

All credit-rated modules on all years of your programme count towards the GPA score, enabling you to gain recognition for good work even in your first year of studies. You can also increase your final GPA score right up until your last assessment. Something you can't do with an honours classification.

Finally, the additional information will help your personal tutor or others advising you to support your development better. They will also have additional evidence to refer to when writing references for you.

What do employers think about GPA?

Employers welcome the finer granularity and transparency of GPA scores, enabling them to more easily differentiate between graduates’ academic performance. They also prefer a common international language for reporting and representing degree results, to more easily compare UK degree outcomes with those of graduates in other countries.

Will I still receive a degree classification?

Yes you will. The GPA system is complementary to the Honours degree classification system, and so you will receive both a degree classification and a GPA score.

Why do first year modules count towards GPA?

Including first year modules in your GPA score means that your hard work from that first year will receive greater recognition. It encourages you to be more engaged in your studies early on which has a positive impact as  you move forward.

Where can I see my GPA?

Your GPA, based on the modules you’ve studied each year, will be published to you by the University and will be updated at the end of each academic year. Your final GPA score will be published alongside your degree transcript.