Deferred entry

Many applicants consider taking a year out before starting their studies. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to travel, gaining some work experience or earning a little extra cash before heading off to university.

There are 2 ways that you can take a year out:

  • Apply in your final year of school or college as usual but choose the option to make a deferred application.
  • Make an application during your year out.

Defer your application

Select the option to defer your place when you apply to us through UCAS then explain in your personal statement, your reasons for taking a year out. This will help our admissions tutor decide on whether to offer you a deferred place.

If you choose to defer your application, we will consider your application on its merits and may make you an offer to study your chosen course in the year following the year of your application. There are some points that you should consider:

  • At the time of your application, we will not have finalised the details of your deferred entry course. The details we have published for the current year should give you a good idea of the course content.
  • We will also not have finalised the amount of tuition fees that you will be required to pay.

Your offer will be visible on the UCAS Hub and you will need to meet the conditions of your offer in the year that you have applied. We'll contact you with a formal written offer shortly after application. We will then follow up with further details from September of the year before you start your course to give you up-to-date details of your course and confirm your tuition fee and our agreement with you.

Please contact us if you wish to defer taking up your place once you have accepted your offer for entry into a particular year. We'll give your request all due consideration but can't promise that we'll be able to agree.

Make an application during your year out

You can make an application to study once you have left college or 6th form. Undergraduate applicants from the UK or EU can make an application directly through UCAS.

Bear in mind that if you make your application once you have left school or college you may not have the support of your school or college tutors and it may be difficult to find an appropriate person to write you a reference.

Please also remember that you will need to make yourself available for an interview during the application process should your chosen course require it. Not the easiest thing to do if you're backpacking in Thailand.