How to make payments to the University of Hertfordshire

You can pay your tuition and/or accommodation fees by any of the methods on this page.

Online using a debit or credit card

You'll need your student number or applicant number to pay online.

Access the payment portal

Bank transfer

Students can pay their fees using the University of Hertfordshire Payment Portal, to allow you or your sponsor an option to securely send bank account transfers for payment of your tuition fee in your local currency if you wish to.

Global Pay for Students

You may need to visit your bank branch or use your online banking facility to arrange the payment. It will, however, provide you with certainty as to the cost of the payment in your local currency, provided the payment is arranged within the 72 hour timescale.

The process to pay using this service will be as follows:

  1. before starting, ensure that you have your student registration number to hand and also the exact tuition fee payable in pounds sterling (GBP)
  2. once the simple online form has been completed you will receive an instant quote for the cost of your fees in your local currency. This quotation is guaranteed for 72 hours
  3. the payment you make will be sent directly to the University of Hertfordshire bank account and as the transfer is initiated in your local currency you do not incur expensive bank charges
  4. you will be sent an email confirmation as soon as the funds are received.

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Any problems?

Contact our Place2Pay team for more advice on making a payment.

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