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Freshers week

Freshers week

Author - Megan, Journalism, Media and Communications

Freshers week is one of the most exciting times for university students, whether it’s your first year or your last.
Here are some tips that will help you through your first week at university:

Remember to drink water
For many of us, freshers is a week of parties and can be a lot of fun until the morning. After a night of drinking, remember to drink some water before going to bed - you'll thank yourself in the morning!

Don’t feel pressured to go out
You’ve just moved to a new city and want to make friends. That doesn't mean you have to say yes to everything. Don’t feel bad for not wanting to go clubbing or wanting to leave the pub early. True friends will understand if you say no to an event.

Don't blow your loan on takeaways
Having a large amount of money is exciting and the new found freedom is very tempting but remember your loan needs to last. You may be scared to cook in your new kitchen but it’s less scary than running out of money!
If you’ve never cooked before try something simple like a pizza or a simple pasta and sauce combo.

Put your studies first
Most students may not have any lectures during freshers week however it's still important to remember why you're there. Make sure to take the time to know your timetable and modules, plan a rough routine before the hard work starts.


Student Representative

Getting involved: Student Rep

Author - Megan, Journalism, Media and Communications

Alongside your studies, the University of Hertfordshire offers lots of extra-curricular activities for you to get involved with.

Student Representative

A Student Rep is a voice for the people. Every course in each school of study has a Student Rep who is tasked with gathering feedback from their peers to enhance their studies. Being a Student Rep is a voluntary role but is really rewarding. Each Rep has the opportunity to be nominated for Rep of the month, take part in the Student Rep Acceleration Scheme and Student Leaders Development Program.
The role is very similar across all schools however I wanted to share my experience as a rep in the humanities department.

I’m currently one of the Reps for the Mass Communications, level 5 cohort. Each month I attend a meeting with the other Humanities Rep which is chaired by Ciara, our Associate Dean of Student Experience. At the meeting, we share the feedback we’ve gained during the month. If an issue has arisen during the period between meetings, then we can contact the lecture it involves or contact Ciara directly.
As well as the Rep meetings, we are also invited to attend the Humanities Programme Committee Meetings and Mass Communications Assignment Meetings. I’m not sure if all schools do this but I found it really interesting to be a part of these meetings and have a greater input into student experiences. It is also great to know our lectures want us to be involved with these meetings and value our opinions.

As mentioned, the Student Rep Acceleration Scheme and Student Leaders Development Program are really fantastic programs to get involved with if you become a Rep or a Student Leader (this includes reps, buddies, society committee members and many other student leadership roles within the university).

Both programs require students to take part in different courses and activities to enhance either their role as a Rep or as a Student Leader. I have taken part in both programs this year and I've really learnt a lot. It really makes you think outside of your role and think beyond yourself and university life.

If you have the opportunity to be a Student Rep during your studies, then I highly recommend you take part. It's fantastic to be able to have an impact on the university and enhance your skills as a person as well as count towards your Go Herts award.


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