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Why choose Herts?

Why UH despite offers from 3 other universities ?

Author - Victor, Automotive Engineering

Fulfilling my automotive dream which began at age 7, was the drive to quit my job and upskill myself with an extensive yet practical postgraduate degree. Studying Mechanical Engineering we focused on subjects such as Machine Design, Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer. This lead me to pursue relevant knowledge capable of providing solutions to the automotive design and manufacturing problems in my PG course. Herts is rich in cultural diversity and has world-class educational standards.

Getting offers from 4 top-class UK universities was not as challenging as choosing the one to eventually go to. After weeks of research and consultation from alumni of all the universities, the University of Hertfordshire stood out. The highly ranked university, which is in proximity to London, yet peaceful and affordable to live in, has been teaching automotive courses for almost 40 years. It was also amazing to know that the university has well-established links with top automobile manufacturers such as BMW and McLaren. Another factor that won my heart was the facilities available at the university. The University of Hertfordshire is equipped with facilities you can only find in Automotive manufacturer’s R and D section such as Rolling Road, in-house Engine Dyno, Vehicle simulator and so on. It was also interesting to know that every Formula One racing team includes a graduate from the University of Hertfordshire.

Not to mention that the support I received from the university was exceptional will only be an understatement. No wonder the officer at the Port of Entry jokingly asked if UH was the only university in the UK to have interviewed a lot of students who mentioned they were going to the same university.

Choosing to study here is a decision I have not regretted.


What next after graduation?

What's next after graduation?

Author - Victor, Automotive Engineering

While studying at any level allows students to develop highly sought-after skills to get a head-start in an increasingly competitive job market or start up a business, it is imperative to know especially for those on the path to becoming an employee that securing a dream job is influenced by several factors.

Undoubtedly, having good grades provide a stepping stone toward a successful career. In recent years, employers tend to look for values such as commercial awareness, teamwork, and communication, extra-curricular activities in addition to grades. It is no longer business as usual; you must show what you are bringing on board. Employers need talent as much as people need jobs, no employer hires you as a favour. Without a shadow of a doubt, my study experience at the University of Hertfordshire is nothing but amazing. With an inborn interest in the automotive industry, Herts has provided me with the necessary skills that are relevant in the industry.

While I am super excited to be starting an automotive career after graduating, it will be beneficial to share with current and incoming students the extra work and commitment I invested. I knew the importance of communication skills and teamwork as I would someday prove these skills to a recruiter, so I focused on developing them early enough. Beyond having good grades, I understood the importance of self-developing and upskilling, so I invested time and resources to learn beyond what I was taught in class. This approach showed my recruiter that I am not only enthusiastic about the field but that I am equally aware of the challenges the industry is facing and what knowledge and values I am bringing on board.

While there is no success story without pains and days of discouragement and temporary failures, it is my understanding that challenges make life interesting, and that overcoming them makes life meaningful.


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