Celebrating our valued staff

Every year, our Vice-Chancellor’s Awards shines a light on the most inspirational and talented members of our staff community. From those who make a difference through their teaching, academic or technical support, to researchers who drive innovation in their field, to team members who support and empower those around them – the VCAs offer us an opportunity to hear their stories, champion their unseen victories, and recognise their talents.

Making a difference to our staff community

Watch as our Vice-Chancellor and his team drop into colleagues' meetings to surprise them with the good news that they are finalists!

It was fantastic to be nominated, and reading the nominations from my colleagues that show how much they respect and value me and my work – it’s just amazing.

VCA finalist 2022

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

It absolutely made my day to receive a nomination for the VCAs. I was so touched that someone took the time, in a no doubt very busy day, to make me feel so appreciated.

VCA nominee 2021

Marketing and Communications

I have been fortunate enough to receive a few nominations over the years; for colleagues and friends to recognise my work within the University is something that fills me with pride.

VCA nominee - multiple years

Enterprise and Business Development

Past finalists and winners