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The Department of Estates is responsible for managing and maintaining the University's campuses and buildings. Led by Director of Estates, Ian Grimes, we provide a professional service to the University, offering expert advice and achievable solutions.

What we do impacts staff and students' lives every day: we ensure our buildings are safe and operational, and we oversee the smooth running of all the University's daily activities - from events organisation to building projects, travel and parking, to food and hospitality.

We are committed to providing an excellent standard of service to our students and staff – we call this “Service Excellence” and have developed a set of service commitments that all members of our team have signed up to.

We know that the best service starts with great people – so we’re dedicated to building a diverse, supportive, highly-skilled team that acts with honesty and integrity to deliver the best possible professional service to the University and its community. As a department we seek out and welcome feedback from our community, we respond to it and we celebrate success.

Ian Grimes, Director of Estates

Teams within Estates

Our department is split into two sections:

These two sections are supported and guided by a team of Health and Safety specialists and administrative staff.

Ours is a large and dynamic department which offers a diverse, friendly workforce and exciting career opportunities. We have an excellent track record of creating opportunities and developing our staff, encouraging the pursuit of professional qualification in Facilities Management, Building Surveying, Project Management and Administration amongst other areas.

We treat all staff with respect and integrity and promote an inclusive professional environment. We offer great flexibility to staff including the option of part-time and remote working. This gives our staff further capacity to excel, providing flexibility to make their career suit their personal needs.