Research development by career stage

Development and training opportunities organised by career stage. Research students and staff require differing development and training depending on the point they have reached in their career. For doctoral students embarking on their PhD, they might require a grounding in the process of research and working effectively with their supervisors. For more experienced research staff, having already gained much of the knowledge and skills required to conduct research, the emphasis might shift towards working in and leading teams, advanced communication skills, mentoring, grant applications and writing for publication.

Research student

New starter

  • Research integrity
  • Teaching for research students
  • Doctoral review assessment
  • Research oriented writing skills
  • Planning for research study
  • Research methods
  • Research impact is your business

Final year

  • Thesis what thesis
  • The viva and process of research degree examination
  • Life after PhD
  • Publicising your research

Early career research staff

New starter

  • Central and School induction
  • Developing your career using the Researcher Development Framework
  • Grant applications Clinic Level 1
  • Using Research Professional
  • Networking for researchers
  • Creating your first research proposal
  • IT training


  • Transition to leadership
  • Costing your research project
  • Research Data Management
  • Introduction to project planning
  • Managing your post award research finance
  • Networking for researchers

Experienced research staff

Targeted development

  • Research Data Management
  • Making sense of leading
  • Post award finance - practical session
  • Creating and maximising your research impact
  • Networking for researchers
  • Making and breaking contracts

This above is not a fixed menu. A more complete list of development can be found through the following links: