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Alumni Awards 2024

Volume 7 of Writing Visual Culture

Digital Comics

Guest Editors for Volume 7: Daniel Merlin Goodbrey


  1. Daniel Merlin Goodbrey – 'Introduction: Digital Comics' (PDF - 0.08 Mb)
  2. Jayms Nichols – 'Comics and Control: Leading the Reading' (PDF - 0.29 Mb)
  3. Daniel Merlin Goodbrey – 'The Sound of Digital Comics' (PDF - 0.31 Mb)
  4. Craig Smith – 'Motion Comics: The Emergence of a Hybrid Medium' (PDF - 1.36 Mb)
  5. James Taylor – 'Kick Ass Version 2.0: The Superhero's Navigation of Comic Books, Film and Digital Media' (PDF - 0.13 Mb)

Referees for Volume 7

  • Dr Ian Hague
  • Dr Ian Horton from the University of the Arts London
  • John Miers from the University of the Arts London
  • Alan Peacock
  • Dr Julia Round from Bournemouth University