Cyber psychology and the use of the internet

George Georgiou has led applied and theoretical research exploring the effects of digital technologies, such as smartphones, the internet, & social networking) on human thinking and behaviour. This also includes examining the similarities and differences between comparable online and offline behaviour.

Current projects include:

  • Using wearable cameras to support event memory in early-stage Alzheimer’s disease (with Ali Mair & Mike Page)
  • Defining and measuring Problematic Usage of the Internet (‘Internet addiction’)
  • The impact of digital technologies on cognitive processes (e.g. saving enhanced memory & offloading)
  • The use of online social networking & digital technologies, and their relationship with psychological wellbeing
  • The relationship between delayed gratification and digital technology usage
  • Factors related to the experience of Phantom Phone Vibration
  • The impact of environment and embodiment in VR, on psychological processes and behaviour
  • Factors related to Game Transfer Phenomena in video gaming