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Welcome to the Cyber Security Centre

Here you can access training, teaching and research in the fast paced topics of cyber security and digital forensics. We help clients such as police forces, government agencies and commercial organisations with knowledge, skills, and training through long term partnerships.

About the Cyber Security Centre

About the Centre

We provide training, teaching and research in the fast paced topics of cyber security and digital forensics...

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Teaching in Cyber Security


The School of Computer Science, at the University of Hertfordshire, delivers teaching in cyber security...

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Current research projects span a wide range of cyber security topic areas...

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Bespoke training

Bespoke training

Access bespoke training for your organisation. We currently work with clients from business, government agencies, Police, and MoD...

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The School of Computer Science has excellent facilities for teaching and training in cyber security...

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Members of the Cyber Security Centre


Meet the Cyber Security Centre members and view their staff profiles...

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The Cyber Security Centre is delighted to have formed partnerships with key stakeholders and suppliers...

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From encryption teasers to forensic intelligence, book reviews and much more. Read our blog to keep up with the latest in cyber security...

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Contact the Cyber Security Centre

Contact us

If you have any queries about cyber security or would like to find out more about what we do at the Centre please get in touch...

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