Health Psychology Group

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  • Health Psychology research at the University of Hertfordshire spans a wide range of interests and approaches.

    Some of these are clinical, working with hospitals, while others are more population-based.

    Research includes both the understanding of psychological factors that influence health and health behaviours as well as the development of interventions that can address these issues.

    In particular, we are interested in both the cognitive and emotional factors that influence health.

    Areas of research include the role of evolved affect systems in emotion regulation as it relates to stress and eating behaviour, the effect of shame and disgust on food choice and dieting, factors that influence decisions over screening and adherence to medicines, the effect of different treatments for heart disease on quality of life and the use of music to self soothe.

    Collaborative partnerships

    We have many collaborative partnerships both within the University of Hertfordshire and with outside organisations. Those that are internal to the University include:

    • The Centre for Lifespan in Chronic Illness Research
    • The Centre for Primary and Community Care
    • The Weight and Obesity Research Group
    • The School of Sport and Exercise

    Those that are external include:

    • The Institute of Psychiatry
    • KCL
    • The Haemophilia Society
    • The Royal London
    • Great Ormond Street
    • Isabel Hospice
    • Company Paradiso

    Research areas