Public understanding of psychology

Researchers are engaged in a wide range of activities that promote the public understanding of psychology.

These include:

  • Giving public talks
  • Publishing popular psychology books
  • Staging events
  • Appearing on the media
  • The innovative use of new media

Recent work

  • Professor Wiseman publishing a best-selling popular psychology book '59 Seconds' and creating viral YouTube videos that have received over 32 million views.
  • Professor Pine publishing work on the psychology of women and money in her book 'Sheconomics', giving regular public talks on this topic (including to the Financial Services Research Forum and Capita Registrars), and being named as one of the Top 50 Psychology Professors to follow on Twitter.
  • Professor Fletcher presenting his work on the psychology of flexibility in the book 'Flex: Do Something Different' (co-authored with with Karen Pine) and applying this work in business settings.
  • Dr Page engaging in a number of activities concerning the psychology of sustainable living, including the display of his Cube Project at the 2011 Edinburgh International Science Festival.
  • Dr Lovatt presenting his work on the psychology of dance.