Pro-environmental behaviour change

In recent years, Prof. Mike Page and his collaborators have been involved in work looking at pro-environmental behaviour change. This stemmed from a PhD by Nadine Page (no relation to Mike) on the underlying psychology, and tapped into his background in Engineering.

Our pro-environmental behaviour-change projects include: the EASIER Project (2009-2012) - that advised SMEs on carbon cutting, SHARE - that looked at reducing emissions in the hospitality sector (where Mike was academic lead), and the CUBE Project - which involves the design and build of carbon-neutral microhomes. The Cube Project has featured frequently in national media, including in two separate episodes of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, for Channel 4 UK.

Mike also presents talks about personal carbon reduction under the heading “Your Carbon Counts” and is currently working on a project called Greentown, looking at the most appropriate way to design and build sustainable towns of the future.