Older People's Health And Complex Conditions

Our research focuses on older people with multiple health and social care needs, including the oldest old and those with cognitive impairment and dementia. We lead and collaborate on a programme of multi-disciplinary, externally funded studies on health care provision to older people and their family carers living at home, in care homes and in hospital. This includes how primary health care works with social care and long-term care providers to support this population.

For further information, contact Professor Claire Goodman.

Our activities fall into the following areas:

Dementia care research

  • Dementia friendly health care and dementia aware communities
  • Dementia and other co morbid health conditions
  • Supporting care homes as partners in health and end of life care
  • Understanding how to achieve shared decision for people living with dementia

Care home research

  • Supporting integrated working between the NHS and care home providers
  • Supporting care homes as partners in health and end of life care.
  • end of life care and continence care for people living with dementia.

Support for older people with complex health needs

  • People living with dementia and other co-morbid health conditions.
  • Promoting partnership working, including shared decision making

Promoting health ageing for older people

  • Improving nutrition in older people in hospitals and the community.
  • Experiences and understanding of food safety practices in older people.
  • Older people’s perceptions of falls and falls prevention.

Unit Staff

StaffJob title
Professor Claire GoodmanProfessor in Health Care Research
Lisa IrvineSenior Research Fellow
Dr Jennifer LynchReader in Social Care Technology and Knowledge Mobilisation
Dr Krystal WarmothSenior Research Fellow
Dr Melanie HandleySenior Research Fellow
Dr Gizdem AkdurResearch Fellow
Sarah KalwarowskyResearch Fellow
Rebecca HadleyResearch Fellow