Older People's Health

  • Information on people, projects and publications from our research database
  • Our research focuses on older people with multiple health and social care needs, including the oldest old and those with cognitive impairment, and how primary health care works with social care and long term care providers to support this population.

    We lead and collaborate on a programme of externally funded studies on health care provision to older people and their family carers living at home and in care homes.

    A particular strength is our multi-disciplinary, cross cutting research on the care and support of people living and dying with dementia.

    Our work falls into four areas:

    • Care home research
    • Dementia care research
    • Health promotion for older people
    • Support for older people with complex health needs

    Unit Staff

    Contact Professor Claire Goodman if you would like more information about research in the area of older people's health.