Sample preparation and handling

Development of fieldable sample preparation and transport technologies.

Precise control of microfluidic samples is crucial in developing integrated biodetection systems which encompass biology, chemistry and engineering aspects. Correct sample processing and accurate analyte delivery to detection devices can require a wide range of sample processing approaches, some of which include: homogenisation, disruption, centrifugation, filtration, bubble removal and concentration.

PIBBDT sample processing

A significant aspect of successfully integrating sample collection and detection technologies is in preparation of collected analyte and matching sample collection rates with optimal sample handling capabilities of the detections sensors.

The Microfluidics and Microengineering Group developed a number of sample preparation technologies as part of PIBBDT. System automation facilitated complex priming, detection and cleaning procedures.

And additionally techniques including real-time optical flow rate detection, microfluidic light scattering particle detection and bubble and saturated gas removal were all developed and successfully employed in the resulting integrated system.