Turn-key microfluidic systems

Commercial design and development of microfluidics-enabled systems.

Commercial and in-house design and development research undertaken by the group encompasses a broad range of activities and fields with a particular expertise in microfluidics-enabled integrated systems.

Optimisation of microfluidic systems for real world applications requires careful design of a diverse range of components and their interfaces to maximise overall system performance.


Integrated microfluidic systems have been developed for applications including:

  • Biological cell suspension handling and measurement
  • Microorganism containment
  • Micro-dispensing
  • Micro-mixing
  • Microfluidic DNA processing
  • Precision chemical dilution and mixing
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Air sampling
  • Biodetection

Custom components

Previous system components developed in-house include:

  • Microfluidic structures and devices
  • Milli- and mesofluidic systems
  • Specially adapted conventional sub-miniature valves and fluidic components
  • Control electronics
  • Electronically controlled thermal cycling units
  • Software development
  • Portable microcontrollers
  • PC based control systems
  • Closed-loop pneumatic control systems
  • Real-time imaging
  • Centrifugal sample extraction system
  • Ultrasonic sample extraction systems
  • Optical detection and data extraction