Microfluidics and Microengineering facilities

Clean room and laboratories

The Microfluidics and Microengineering Group has dedicated clean room and laboratory facilities located in the main building on the College Lane campus.

The facilities include a 35m2 class 1000 (ISO 6) clean room and 100m2 of microfluidics laboratory for precision assembly and testing of microstructured devices and an aerosol testing facility for sample collection investigation.

The laboratory facilities are equipped for microfluidics, microengineering and BioMEMs and system integration applications, specialising in SU8 and PDMS and polymer rapid prototyping processes.

Clean room equipment

  • Mask Aligner - Suss Microtec MJB4
  • Photoresist Spinner - Suss Microtec RC8
  • Plasma Etcher/Asher/Cleaner - Quorum Technologies K1050X
  • Evaporator - Quorum Technologies K975X
  • Microscopes - Carl Zeiss Stemi 2000
  • Laminar Flow Cabinet with filtered N2 and filtered DI water supply

Microfluidics laboratory equipment

  • Fluorescence Microscope - Carl Zeiss Axiovert 40 CFL
  • CCD Camera - QImaging EXi Aqua
  • Two UV/Ozone cleaning Systems - Novascan PSD
  • Stereo microscope - Carl Zeiss Discovery V12
  • Stereo microscope - Carl Zeiss Semi DV4
  • Inverted stereo transmission microscope - Carl Zeiss ID03
  • Optical Profiler - Veeco Wyko NT9100
  • Precision in-house designed custom PDMS alignment/assembly system
  • Programmable Oven - Heraeus Instruments UT6
  • Two Laminar Flow Cabinets - Bassaire 041.1B
  • Two Programmable syringe pumps - Harvard PhD2000
  • Flow Cytometer - Partec PAS
  • Spectrophotometer - Jenway 6300
  • Fluorimeter - Jenway 6280
  • Incubator - Sanyo CO2 MCO-5AC
  • Ultrasonic Bath - Ultrawave DP200
  • 2.5 Axis CNC Machine - Roland MDX 540
  • Laser Cutter - Trotec Speedy 300 60W
  • Laminar Flow Cabinet with filtered N2 and filtered DI water supply
  • Dual Quad-Core CFD machine with 64GB RAM - we also have access to the University's High Powered Computer Cluster for more complex problems

Aerosol testing facilities equipment

  • Test Chamber - 8m3
  • Portable optical particle sizer - TSI 3030
  • Six Jet Aerosol atomiser - TSI 9306

The group has access to a range of other rapid prototyping equipment at the University including a number of 3D printers. SEM and materials testing facilities are also available in the School of Engineering and Technology's materials laboratories.