Development of bespoke integrated systems solutions in the area of biodetection and microfluidics.

Biological detection technologies are the basis for significant civil and defence protection measure for a wide range of hazards. This includes military detection capabilities for the protection of personnel and infrastructure as well as civil detection for the protection of health and existing supply chain measures.

The technological solutions being developed for biodetection range from permanent, fixed airborne particle sampling installations to portable disposable single use microfluidic immunoassay devices.

Microfluidics Enabled Biodetection Systems

At the University of Hertfordshire we are investigating the key components necessary to ensure successful systems integration. This includes sample collection, sample preparation, handling and microfluidic systems integrating detector technologies. 

Our primary focus is on optimising the capture, delivery and detection of appropriate sample, incorporating significant microfluidic flow analysis to ensure high concentrations of target pathogen whilst minimising sample contamination and cross over.


We are working closely with leading researchers at the UK MoD Defence, Science Technology Laboratories (Porton Down) investigating fluid dynamics and microfluidic system design for suspended phase biological targets. Coupled with appropriate supporting technologies, such as optics and software analysis systems, we are able to develop next generation solutions for biodetection systems.