Research labs (CIS)

Networks Engineering Research Laboratory│Dr Pandelis Kourtessis

To work with the Networks Engineering Research Lab contact or call +44 (0) 1707 284179

The Networks Engineering Lab is a specialist facility with cutting edge experimental set ups, high-end equipment and industrial standard software for research and industrial innovation in Communication Networks, Software Defined Networks, Massive MIMO Systems, Heterogeneous Networks, Caching, Machine Learning and Satellite Networks. Projects currently running in the lab are funded by UK councils, European agencies and the EU and industry through consultancy and knowledge transfer with £950k of research and industrial innovation projects currently running in the lab.

High end lab equipment

25GS/s (2 channel) AWG for UWB signal generation │ 40GS/s (4 channel) sampling oscilloscope │ 6GHz at 160MS/s waveform generator/ 26GHz ​​at 160MS/s (1x1 channel) signal analyzer with built in multi-channel LTE packages│​ 100MHz-6GHz at 200MS/s (4x4 real time channel) SDRs for UBW4x4 MIMO scalable to massive MIMO with phase locked clock synchronization│​Virtex 6 FPGAs with 5 GS/s ADCs/DACs for live DSP, with accompanying RF front end hardware│​12.5Gbps BERT.

5G and Optical systems and experimental set ups

The Networks laboratory have to their disposal│​Waveform Txs/Rxs for research in sub-6GHz and Millimetre-Wave 5G Transceivers│​(10km) Distributed Antenna System for 5G applications also supporting 2G/3G/4G cellular technologies│​Optical testbed including a 1x32, 64km (10G) PON testbed│​screen room for isolated RF testing│​LTE network including an Open Air Interface based eNB and EPC│​10 real consumer hardware end users

Research in SDN-enabled 5G and Satellite IP Networks

The lab operate Multicast and Unicast Sat>IP servers for satellite over Ethernet transmission with live optical LNB satellite feed and  a real time SDN testbed for large topology emulation with custom SDN controllers using Mininet. They also have available for their research students Industry Standard Simulators / Specialist Software including OPNET and VPI