Public Health and Patient Safety (PHPS) Unit

The Public Health and Patient Safety (PHPS) discipline brings together experienced and early career researchers who have a wealth of experience in teaching, practice and research. The outcome of the group’s research has direct impact on policy and practice.

Our research interests include public health, patient safety in relation to medication usage, inequality in healthcare and pharmaceutical care, UK and European level of well-being, patient and public involvement in reimbursement decisions of novel medicines, patient engagement in research and healthcare decision making and in development of patient-reported outcome measure.

Examples of projects include:

  • Development of a systematic quantitative approach to benefit-risk assessment of medicines
  • Development and application of a universal framework for decision-making and effective communication of benefits and risks of medicines
  • Development of a novel patient-reported outcome measure in haematological malignancies for use in clinical practice
  • Development and validation of a generic instrument for assessing the quality of decision-making in pharmaceutical and regulatory innovation
  • Development and application of methodologies for mapping patient-reported outcome scores to utility values for economic appraisal of medicines
  • Medication adherence and management in context of Public Health
  • A quantitative and qualitative approach to investigate reasons of dispensing errors in a selected community and out-patient pharmacies: a comparative study
  • The current and potential roles of pharmacists in the prevention of infection in English NHS trusts
  • Adverse effects of medication in elderly patients in relation to hospitalisation