Our local partnerships

Safer Streets

The University of Hertfordshire is working with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council and Crimestoppers to improve safety in the local area for students and the wider community.

The partnership secured over £500,000 of Home Office funding in 2021 as part of the Government’s Safer Streets programme to carry out a number of projects in Hatfield, with a focus on preventing violence against women and girls.

Personal safety alarms

The Safer Streets funding has enabled the University to purchase 6000 personal safety alarms for the most vulnerable members of its community.

If you feel you would benefit from a personal safety alarm, please get in touch with the Office of the Dean of Students.

A number of personal safety alarms are also available for University staff; please contact the Security team on security@herts.ac.uk for more details.

Hollie Guard app

Hollie Guard is a free app that aims to give users greater confidence when travelling alone, going into unfamiliar areas or meeting someone new. The app is available for Apple or Android users, and features include location monitoring, emergency contact notifications and in-built deterrents.

The Safer Streets funding will also allow the University to purchase 2000 vouchers for Hollie Guard Extra. This enhanced version of the app offers access to a 24/7 dedicated, fully-trained emergency response team, as well as options to record audio and video of incidents.

If you are interested in accessing Hollie Guard Extra, please get in touch with the Office of the Dean of Students (if you are a staff member, please contact our Security team on security@herts.ac.uk).

Bystander training

As part of our Safer Streets partnership, we are working with Safer Places to deliver a programme of active bystander training – equipping staff and students with the skills and confidence to challenge unacceptable behaviours.

The first training sessions have been scheduled for key staff and student representatives in spring 2022, and will then be rolled out across the wider student body. If you would like to learn more about the training programme and our plans, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Community Safety Partnership (CSP)

We are a member of the Welwyn Hatfield Community Safety Partnership (CSP), which comprises a number of local organisations including Hertfordshire Constabulary, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

The CSP is in place to make sure the local community is a safe place to live, work or study, with key priorities including keeping down crime rates, reducing anti-social behaviour, and protecting vulnerable people.

For more information, visit the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council website.