Report and Support

We are committed to providing a positive experience for all students and staff and our University will not condone any form of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, assault and discrimination.

These online forms enable students and staff to report anonymously or seek advice from an adviser. If you have witnessed or experienced an incident you feel uncomfortable with, you can report these directly to the Office of the Dean of Students. If you are worried about someone else, you can also report this using these forms.

The information you provide will help us to be aware of incidents which happen on campus and the local area and handle issues.

Confidential informal reporting form

If you would like a response, please use this form and a member of the Dean of Students Office will contact you.

Report and speak to an adviser

Anonymous and confidential reporting form

If you choose to use this form, please note that we will not be able to act on the information or respond to you in person. We encourage you to use the informal reporting form instead if you feel comfortable to do so.

If you have concerns about another person’s wellbeing or safety and would like us to reach out and support that person, please make sure that you include as much information about them as possible. Alternatively, you can use the informal reporting form - please rest assured that we will handle all concerns with sensitivity and professionalism.

Report anonymously

How we will use your information

It is not possible to identify any individuals from the data collected in this form.

The University will use the information you provide to help us understand what kind of incidents are taking place within our community and take positive action.