Off-campus accommodation

Private rented properties

Prefer to live off campus? Rent a local property with a group of friends or lodge with a local family - all within easy access of campus.

Hatfield and the surrounding area has plenty of private rented student houses and flats so you're sure to find something that fits the bill.

The University's UNO bus service provides convenient buses throughout the area.

Find a property to rent

Landlords and agents you can trust

Partnership Accreditation for LandlordsThe University of Hertfordshire actively promotes the Partnership Accreditation for Landlords scheme (PAL).

Make sure you choose PAL accredited landlords and agents if you are looking for off campus private rented properties.

Only PAL accredited landlords and agents are advertised through the University and on the PAL website - giving you the assurance and security you need in the private rented sector.

More information

Read our student guides to living off campus and private rented accommodation to find out more.