Welcome to the LGBT+ Student Society

I’m Chloe McKendrick (She/Her). I'm a final year Politics and International Relations student and am also in my second term of office as President of LGBT+ Society. You can find out more about me on my profile page.

What is a society?

Societies are a huge part of the student community at the University of Hertfordshire. Run by students for students, there is a group for everyone! From academic and cultural to music and social, there are more than 100 different groups that you can join and take part in. Joining a society allows you to meet new people, escape from your studies and enjoy new experiences.

How can I get involved?

As a student at Herts, you'll have the opportunity to adopt an inactive society or start your own. Every year, there is a committee election which gives you the chance to lead a society. From positions as chair and inclusion officer to secretary and treasurer. The running of a society is fully lead by students. Being a part of a society allows you to develop skills such as leadership, communication and even marketing.

The Vice-Chancellor and students from the LGBT+ Society wave rainbow flags

What is the LGBT+ Society?

The LGBT+ Society is a friendly group for LGBT+ students and allies. We conduct weekly events and activities to socialise and celebrate all things LGBT+. Events can range from a movie night to a LGBT+ themed quiz to a drag evening. In February 2020, we launched the first University of Hertfordshire Pride that consisted of a Pronouns Workshop, Pride Fete and a Drag Night. This was well received by both students and staff, marking Herts’ as a diverse and inclusive university. It was even attended by the Vice Chancellor!

Although the pandemic has changed how we run LGBT+ Society, we continue to run events virtually alongside keeping our members up-to-date using our social media platforms. The LGBT+ Society has given me the opportunity to meet exceptional people who I will never forget.

Partnering with many organisations within the university, we have contributed and helped lead the calendar of virtual events and activities for LGBT+ History Month 2021. Our events include a Pride Bingo, a Pronouns Workshop and Equali-TEA (virtual meeting to meet new people over a cup of coffee or tea.)

We also work hard to encourage social change. Working closely alongside the Students’ Union, Schools, LGBT+ Staff Network and the Equality Office, we provide a voice for LGBT+ students. Having launched a WhatsApp group-chat during the pandemic, we provide support, advice and love. Additionally, we run a fortnightly Trans+ Student Support Group to provide a safe place for Trans+ students. This is a private and confidential space, separate from the main society, where you can give and receive advice and support.

Prior to attending Herts, I didn't know many other LGBT+ people. I was slightly worried that maybe I wouldn't fit in. However, once arriving on campus and seeing the diversity of the Herts student and staff population, I was put entirely at ease. With the wide selection of groups, societies and activities to get involved with, everyone is celebrated at the University of Hertfordshire. Diversity is Herts.