We employ apprentices

As a provider of Degree Apprenticeships, we have had numerousImage of the Apprenticeships logo
apprentices join Herts over the years who have worked across our institution, successfully completing their apprenticeship programmes; from Administration Support roles in Human Resources, to Digital roles in our Learning and Computing Services as well as Technician roles in Engineering.

Apprenticeships at Herts, Olivia's story

Hear from one of our apprentices, Olivia, on her apprenticeship experience

Why an apprenticeship?

As a Herts apprentice, you have the power to shape your future career from day one. Not only will you earn a competitive salary, but you will also gain hands-on experience and obtain a formal qualification in the process; and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way! And this will come at absolutely no cost to you as your apprenticeship training is covered by the universities levy.

How does it work?

You will first need to apply for an apprenticeship vacancy, completing the necessary application form. Once successful at interview, you will be employed at Herts like any other staff member here. If your role is fulltime, 37 hours per week, you will be given a minimum of six hours per week for your apprenticeship studies.

Your training will be provided by a recognised training provider that, depending on the level of apprenticeship, could be with a local college, a private education provider, or with the University of Hertfordshire itself. The learning you will gain from your apprenticeship will be embedded into your new role, enabling you to apply your newfound knowledge, skills, and behaviours in practice. You will also be appointed a workplace mentor as well as a line manager.

Why Herts?

Defined by our spirit of innovation and enterprise, the University of Hertfordshire has been an innovative, vocation-first educational force for more than 70 years. From our start as a leading educator within Britain’s aeronautical industry to our extensive offering today, we have always specialised in providing the environment and expertise needed to power every kind of potential.

We champion social mobility and the drive to create personal and societal change. We celebrate those who break barriers. We are a catalyst for change, empowering our community to make a radical impact in the region, across the UK, and around the world.

We are a university that never stands still.


My apprenticeship experience has broadened my professional horizons. I have a better understanding of what opportunities I might be able to create both within the organisation and across the sector as a whole.


Herts Sports Partnership

I felt that the University was completely invested in me and my success on the programme. I was assigned a mentor, which was so helpful to have someone I could turn to with any questions and know that I had their support.


Human Resources

I had a bit of office experience but wanted to move into a HR role, and knew that the apprenticeship would allow me to learn on the job. My final project has improved customer satisfaction and helped keep all required information up to date on the system.


Human Resources