Seeing the Big Picture

Tell me about your business

We are a specialist consultancy practise for the construction industry offering quantity surveying services. We steer and manage the process, providing stability and common sense.  Clients choose us because of our ability to see both sides and resolve conflicts because we work for both developers and contractors, giving us a unique perspective.

What were the key challenges you were facing before joining the Help to Grow programme?

We were running a business but didn’t really know how.

We were a collection of people doing a good job, but without any planning or forward thinking, instead we were very responsive. We were frustrated because we knew we had potential but weren’t sure how to meet it. We felt there was more that could be done with the business, yet we didn’t know where to start.

What made you join the Help to Grow: Management programme?

Came across the course by accident and liked the look of it.

As a dinghy sailing enthusiast, it is important to ‘get your head out the boat’ and look around to see the direction you want to go and chart a course.  That’s what I wanted to do with the business, and looking at the breadth of the course, I thought it would enable me to do just that.

I needed to see the bigger picture and what direction we wanted the business to go in. By seeing the different possibilities, it was important to identify what needed to change to give us steady growth.

What were your key learnings and how did you apply them?

The earlier modules were especially helpful at our stage in terms of laying the foundations for growth, and I am starting to see the value of some of the later ones now they are starting to take effect.

When we focused on the business canvas, really defining the value proposition of the business was incredibly helpful. We were able to look at our vision, mission and values and properly illustrate them. Building these into our strategy was incredibly valuable to help us plan ahead.

Another key module for us was the one on digital adoption, looking at how we can ensure efficient operations and be a modern business that utilises the power of tech.

Any personal learnings?

The business world has evolved, and all aspects are critical to success and growth unless you want to remain a lifestyle business.

As such, learning from a range of experts as well as getting insights and ideas from other business owners is invaluable. That range of perspectives, the ability to take a step back and look at what others do and then apply it to our business has been very useful.

I need to get my head out of the business regularly to ensure we are going in the right direction.

And what has been the result for your business?

We have experienced an organic shift in culture and attitude. This has benefited employees and employee engagement has improved.  We have also been able to improve internal operations, which has had a positive impact on productivity.

Clients recognise the changes and relationships are also improved.  We have employed new staff, including at a senior level.

We have had a 30% growth in turnover, of which the programme has been a significant contributor and we can see the future more clearly.

We are at the start of a journey. We’ve built the walls and can visualise the entire building, but we know there is still some way to go. However, we are confident we know where we are going and how to get there!

What would you say to another business considering Help to Grow?

Do it and don’t look back! Enjoy the fact that you get insights and ideas from experts. Revel in meeting people from different industries and bringing in different perspectives and ideas. Open your eyes to new thoughts and discover the way forward for your business.

It’s great to be part of a community. We are all in the same boat and it’s helpful and comforting to share the concerns and fears as well as benefit from the collaboration.

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