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Taylor Walton attracts new talent with solicitor degree apprenticeship

Taylor Walton is a highly respected regional law firm, providing legal services and solutions to commercial and private clients. A modern and progressive organisation, Taylor Walton seeks innovative ways of attracting new talent and invests heavily in developing its staff.

The firm’s relationship with the University of Hertfordshire started through the development of the Solicitor Degree Apprenticeship programme. They have two apprentices on the programme.

For us, the programme has brought about a very close collaborative relationship between the firm and the University.

People & Talent Partner, Stephanie Simon

“I had the opportunity to work directly with the course lead on developing the bespoke programme. We considered how and when, over the course of the six year programme, different academic topics and practice skills should be covered and how, combined with the practical work in the office, our apprentices would develop their competence. We’ve found that we can complement the material the University is covering by offering the opportunity for our apprentices to develop practical skills and apply their academic learning in the office.”

“By being the first law firm in the area to invest in solicitor apprentice opportunities, we have been able to attract and appoint two driven, enthusiastic and intelligent apprentices. Our solicitor apprentices join our group of paralegal apprentices and our trainee solicitors to make a strong cohort of learners who are able to support our Solicitors in handling increasingly complex legal work under supervision. Our Apprentices have been very quick to learn and provide a fantastic opportunity for our more experienced Solicitors to develop their mentoring and coaching skills. We are pleased to be part of this new route to solicitor qualification. We look forward to contributing to the development of our apprentices, and working in partnership with the University throughout their route to qualification.”

A motivating experience for an apprentice

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The University is committed to providing ongoing support for businesses in the development and delivery of apprenticeship programmes.

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Isobel Fensome, Solicitor Apprentice in the Commercial Litigation Department says she first learned about the apprenticeship pathway when she wasn’t sure if she should go to University or start working, straight after finishing school.

“The apprenticeship has allowed me to go straight into work but complete my degree at the same time. In the office I carry out the same work as solicitors; drafting claim forms and witness statements. I’ve also attended a high court trial and I sit in on client interviews.”

“Personally, it’s improved my confidence and helped me learn how to deal with different people. It’s been great to have the support of a mentor within the firm who supervises me and keeps me on track.”

“The funding for my degree is provided by Taylor Walton with the added benefit of also receiving a salary and other employee benefits. It is great to be on a pathway towards qualification and be part of a great organisation at the same time. This is really motivating.”