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SWR Motorsport supports employee skills development with an apprenticeship

Automotive design and engineering company, SWR Motorsport, enrolled their employee Jacob Asquith-Fox onto an Automotive Engineering degree apprenticeship programme with the University of Hertfordshire as a way of investing in his development.

Jacob was originally drawn to the degree apprenticeship route to qualification because he didn’t receive the grades he required to undertake a traditional degree: “Instead, I ended up getting a full-time job with SWR Motorsport and they helped me to enrol into an apprenticeship so that I could still receive a university degree.”

“We wanted to develop Jacob’s skills in the workplace and allow him to come out with qualifications that will help him in the future with whichever career he wants to attain,” says Jacob’s industry mentor, SWR Design Engineer Rob Wauby.

We are able to see the differences in what he is being taught at our company and at university and the learnings really complement each other. He has gained a lot more knowledge from his time at University that he would not have gained only working at our company.

According to Jacob, even though it is not the route he first imagined he would take to higher education, he’s glad that he ended up doing an degree apprenticeship: “Not only has it helped me develop the skills required to be successful in the workplace, but it supports my learning to the same extent as doing a traditional degree. As an added bonus, you get paid for the experience.”

“It’s not an easy ride - challenges are common as you have to balance your full-time job with meeting university deadlines and any hobbies or commitments outside of work or university. This has allowed me to hone my time management skills and I know the benefits will be great once I’ve completed my apprenticeship. I won’t have any debt but I’ll get the same, or a very similar qualification as I would have received through a traditional degree, with more applied knowledge.”

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