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At Herts you’ll find a vast range of facilities for hire; from supported, specialist technology and engineering laboratories to our authentic, full scale courtroom with public gallery, and our creative suites and sports & training facilities. We’ve got it all covered.

Law court image

Law court

Situated on the de Havilland campus, our purpose built full-scale courtroom with public gallery offers the latest technology. A perfect setting for filming and for putting theory into practice.

Pharmaceutical laboratories image

Pharmaceutical laboratories

From specialist practical and dispensing laboratories to a clinical simulation centre, we have a range of teaching and research laboratories with the latest technology and everything you need for comprehensive experiments and analysis.

Physiotherapy laboratories image

Physiotherapy laboratories

Our fantastically well-equipped physiotherapy laboratories on our College Lane campus give health professionals the opportunity to practice and enhance hands-on, practical skills.

Film and TV studio image

Film and TV studio

Our facilities feature a four-camera space, full lighting rig and a green screen. The studio has a control suite and a small green room. Equipment includes a range of microphones, booms, dollies, tracks, cranes and steadycams. We also have location equipment available for hire including HDV cameras, location monitors, disc recorders, microphone tripods and lighting kits.

Recording studios image

Recording studios

We have 2 studios available; Studio 1 is a 24 track recording facility with a control room housing a 'solid state logic' mixing console and 4.1 surround sound monitoring system. Studio 2 is a 32 channel, digital Yamaha O2R desk with control and live room for ensembles of 3 to 4 players. Support is available from a highly qualified engineer.

Digital image and multimedia units image

Digital image and multimedia units

We offer a range of digital and multimedia facilities including two music suites, a rapid proto-typing unit, laser cutting facilities, a 3D suite, digital imaging and fashion computing using our Gerber software suite.

Medical simulation centre image

Medical simulation centre

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a realistic clinical environment where you can practice skills using the wide range of resources including critical care equipment, full body patient simulators, advanced life support mannequins and a range of clinical settings such as ICU and operating theatres.

Hertfordshire Sports Village image

Hertfordshire Sports Village

With the latest fitness equipment and technology coupled with highly experienced staff members, our multimillion pound centre has everything you need for fitness, sport and leisure.

Business incubation image

Business incubation

Our early-stage business support gives business incubator members access to our whole campus, academic experts and mentors. Business incubation is an open-working concept. You can work in any of our fantastic contemporary spaces on either of our two campuses. You’ll have the flexibility to come and go as you please and network in a vibrant environment.