BA (Hons) Visual Merchandising, Styling and Promotion (top up)

Why choose this course?

  • Membership of British Display Society while on the course
  • Access to dedicated display studio and practice spaces
  • Opportunity to receive ProDip BDS Award after graduating

Build your ability to solve creative problems with visual solutions and kickstart your potential to become a key player in the retail industry. Made for the proactive and ambitious individual, the Visual Merchandising, Styling and Promotion top up course will strengthen your digital ability while also providing you with practical knowledge.

This dynamic one-year programme delivered by Hertford Regional College allows you to top up your Foundation Degree or HND to a full BA (Hons) Degree. Advance your understanding of critical tools utilised in the retail industry, supported by ultra-modern facilities and enriching co-curricular activities.

Hertford Regional College currently has over 50 years’ experience in running Visual Merchandising programmes and is already recognised as a UK 'Centre of Excellence' by the British Display Society. You will also benefit from the college’s longstanding connections to industry, exposing you to high profile live briefs and work placements opportunities from leading retail brands.

Located in Hertfordshire, you will benefit from both Hertford Regional College’s proximity to the retail epicentre that is London. This offers you easy access to placements and job opportunities at luxury department stores, high street flagship stores, and top design and branding agencies.

You will learn from an expert team of staff with a combined 40+ years of industry experience. Their teaching will be supplemented by their own real-world experiences, providing you with a more in-depth learning experience.

Having developed a range of practical and transferrable skills in branding, marketing, design and photography, you will graduate as a well-rounded professional with highly sought-after skills.

What's the course about?

Visual Merchandising is a vital retail strategy that amplifies the desirability of a product with the intent to increase and maximise sales. This Top-up Degree in Visual Merchandising, Styling and Promotion programme recognises the specialist roles played by Visual Merchandising Managers and the range of skills and knowledge that are integral to these roles. This course has been created to provide you with the necessary tools to do thrive in the retail industry and will challenge you to think creatively and innovate advanced problem-solving techniques.

On this course, you will explore critical tools which are utilised within the retail industry from high street to luxury brands, and across all channels including websites, social media, pop ups, photographic shoots and campaign images, events, fashion styling and so much more. The use of digital design skills is integral to all aspects of the programme, and you will grow your skills in photo editing and retouching, photo manipulation, graphic design, vector graphics, digital illustration, video editing, 3D modelling and project planning.

What will I study?

Your learning will be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops and small group tutorials. This programme is 100% assessed through coursework, where you will work individually and collaborate with your peers on both theoretical and practical assignments. You are also encouraged to undertake independent study to consolidate your learning and to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

During your year of study, you will undertake three modules – two of them in your first semester and a third project module to encapsulate all your learnings in your second semester. Each module explores different aspects of visual merchandising in the physical and digital spheres. You will advance your critical thinking and intellectual depth through classes and assessments that explore the design process from conceptualization through to realisation. To wrap up the course, you will come full circle, drawing upon the specific interests that inspired you to join the programme and applying your new learnings to work on an innovative project that you can help kickstart your professional career.

To further enhance your learning, there are multiple learning opportunities outside the classroom that you may choose to participate in. Throughout the programme there are national study trips and visits to businesses, agencies, retailers, museums and galleries as well as an international study trip. You may also take part in work placements to gain industry relevant knowledge and practice by working with a prestigious company. These optional activities will give you additional exposure to theories and concepts learned in class, improving your employability. Where additional costs may be applicable, you will be given sufficient notice to budget for these events as the opportunities arise.