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4WBS0014 The Business Professional (Part 1) (Lvl 4) (Online)

About the course

To expand your knowledge and understanding of business and management, this module introduces you to key concepts and theories while developing your communication skills. The use of case studies will allow you to apply theory to practice while improving your analytical ability.

Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone interested in engaging in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) at any level
  • Anyone who would like to test their aptitude for study and take advantage of the opportunity to earn credits for individual Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL) 
  • If you do not meet the entry requirements for the full BA Business Administration (online) you can sign up for three modules, and if you pass the modules you will be allowed to enrol onto the full course.

Course content

This module provides you with a series of academic skills and study strategies which will underpin your subsequent studies. It is composed of several themes which will include communication, thinking and methods of enquiry, IT-literacy, numeracy and the nature of knowledge. These will allow you to effectively match problem solving techniques to different scenarios. In doing so, you will be expected to operate in teams, reflect on your practice and recognise aspects for self-development and improvement.

The essential skills are developed and examined through a range of methods that are pertinent to the professional manager within a business environment.

Teaching methods

Distance learning



Start DateEnd DateLink
21/01/201931/05/2019Apply online (Distance (Part Time))
20/05/201930/09/2019Apply online (Distance (Part Time))


Start DateEnd DateLink
23/09/201931/01/2020Apply online (Distance (Part Time))
20/01/202031/05/2020Apply online (Distance (Part Time))
25/05/202030/09/2020Apply online (Distance (Part Time))

Course fees

Credit level for this course is 15 credits, total fee is £680 for the academic year 2018/19.